5 fundamental points

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5 fundamental points
to learn how to manage aggressive behaviour

The context

What is our working environment?
Are we going to be attacked in a tatami or ring by a complacent opponent?

No. So don't choose these techniques. They are inappropriate because they are too much or too little "effective".

The emergency

When will the next attack take place?
How much time do we have to prepare and maintain a suitable technical level?

Specialized units have difficulty training twice a week. And you?

The human capital

Who is my team?
How many of us are there? The average age? The level of fitness? The turns?

You may have an athlete in the team along with Martine, 52 years old and Guy, black belt of lasagna...

The legal framework

What can we do legally?
What is our function? Who do we want to be at the ethical and human level?

The function, the uniform and the mission limit the field of possibilities. A policeman and a nurse don't have the same arsenal.

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