What do a nurse, a fireman and a teacher have in common?

  • They serve people
  • Violence should not be part of their job
  • They are the target of violent behaviours

We could sell some magic self-defense techniques and make them believe that will solve the problem (knowing that all have very little time for training).

But then, what do you think would happen?

The nurse

  • She weights 50kg and she is 1.60m tall. Her patient is an young male of 1.80m and 85 kg.
  • She will not even dare to use it,
  • Worse still, she could upset him even more and pay the price.

The fireman

  • He is super-fit and could apply all the techniques.
  • His problem is 50-years old and has lost everything he had.
  • Violent techniques are not applicable in that context.

The teacher

  • He is young but not really a sport guy.
  • He teaches teenagers who are bigger than him.
  • Rather than harming one of them, he prefers to take that punch in the face.

However, the Nurse could learn Team-Work, the Fireman Adjustable Control and Restraint tools and the Teacher Protection skills.

We could teach you all this.

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