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The concept

Avoid escalation and if need be, apply a graduated response adapted to the context when a person is confrontational and resistant, but not violent. Our techniques are not based on impact and are employed by professionals who deal with difficult interactions on a regular basis.


Our training modules

Our training modules are designed for accountable operators who need to REASON, CHANNEL, CONTROL, or IMMOBILISE resistant individuals.

They offer effective and immediately applicable solutions. Suitable for everyone, they offer tools that are easy to master.

Module 1

Handling violent incidents


How to deal with violent incidents in the workplace: physically and verbally. Do's and don'ts. Possibilities and limitations.

  • 2 days of training
  • At your premises
  • Up to 12 people
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Module 2

From Self-Defence
to Team-Defence


Learn how to work as a team. Risk assessment and planning. Team drills.
(Trainees must have completed Module 1)

  • 1 day of training
  • 1 day of follow-up (90 days later)
  • At your premises
  • Up to 12 people
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Module 3



Show your consideration for your employees and take care of their safety. Resolution of real-life scenarios helps to build strong team spirit.

  • 1 day of training
  • In a nice location
  • Up to 20 people
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Stages and seminars

Train for a more professional approach

Our ultimate goal

To help you to handle challenging and tense situations.


Our training programmes are designed:

  • To deliver usable skills
  • For people of all genders and ages
  • To fit your needs by adapting our tools
  • To improve cohesion among team members

Our guidelines

  • The fewer techniques you know, the better.
  • Teamwork can overcome rage and muscle
  • Counter-attack is for trained first-responders only
  • Regular people can only gain time to survive

We adapt to your needs

We won't tell you how to do your job. We will adapt our tools to help you establish a safer working environment.

We work on deterrence
and de-escalation

The best way to deal with violence is to avoid it. We will teach what to do or say to keep the situation under control.

We provide you with professional techniques

No Rambo-style secret lethal techniques. Our tools have been devised for real-world professionals: we avoid combative actions to keep you safe and to limit your legal liability for you and your employees.