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We train your teams to prevent, limit and contain violence.

Learn minimum use of force to


Like many emergency professionals, you face the problem of handling violence, abuse and assaults within acceptable ethical, corporate and legal limits.

How to limit violence

Violent events have invaded the workplace and unfortunately this trend is set to last. For many professionals, hostility has always been part of the job (law-enforcement) but for others, medics and teachers for example, it is a new phenomenon often perceived as incredibly unjust.

However most of the time, people do not really intend to attack, they are generally, at most, actively resistant. The law and ethics prohibit us from physically assaulting people. We cannot harm patients, civilians or customers and come to blows simply because they do not respect our rules or our orders.

Services for companies and intervention professionals

  • Health care institutions (hospitals, clinics)
    Emergencies, paramedics, nurses
  • Reception centres (shelters, battered women...)
    Staff, municipal humanitarian emergency services, social workers
  • Municipal police forces
  • Schools
  • Fire Brigade
  • Service companies in contact with the public
    (counters, public transport, road services, etc.)
Violence circle

Not all confrontational situations require a forceful response.